Welcome to the internet home of 816 Podcast; Magic’s most talked about podcast.

Why is it popular you ask? Let me tell you, you little know-it-all-know-nothing! Because it’s fun, funny, informative, and gives the audience what they need; more information on the magical SUPERSTAR Criss *freakin* Angel!

The good lookin' one, Alex.

So stick around and let us, Alex and David Rangel show you the real work.

Smaller Picture = Less Important


Checked the ticket; your number's up.


4 responses to “About

  1. On the last show, you guys talked about whether or not it’s right to use another performer’s patter when you bought the trick. I really liked that discussion. Can you guys do more of that? It reminded me of the GoMagicGo podcast.

  2. Good day! I was curious to know if setting up a web site such your own: http:
    //816podcast.wordpress.com/ is tough to do
    for inexperienced people? I have been hoping to set up my own website for a while now but have been turned off because I’ve always assumed it required tons of work. What do you think? Thanks!

  3. Hi GUys
    Recommended by Brian Brushwood I immediately went to iTunes to load you into my iPhone. No go!? Is your only source of listening your webpage? If so: ok. But cooler if it was an auto load from iTunes.

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